About Us

The Ghetto Golf Assoication is the national governing body of ghetto golf for the U.S. and beyond.  The Ghetto Golf Association also writes the Rules of Ghetto Golf, conducts testing, funds research, and maintains a handicap system. 

Mission Statement

The Ghetto Golf Association is a membership based, social & recreational activities golf organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of amateur golf.  It is our mission to become a globally-recognized golf organization through:

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• Player participation
• Tournament development
• Rules and competitive standards

Members of the Ghetto Golf Association are driven by principles of:

• Integrity  
• Accountability
• Sportsmanship
• Diversity
• Personal growth
• Inclusion
• Volunteerism
• Environmental responsibility

Founder & President:  Big Balls Balla
Director:  Salty Nutzz
Director:  J Dizzle

Charter Members:

About the Author

GGA Founder